How to set up RDP from XP to Ubuntu VirtualBox?

So for fun, I'm trying to figure out how to get my eee PC, which runs Windows XP Home Edition, to Remote Desktop to the Ubuntu VirtualBox machine which I have. I've had a go myself but I don't think I quite understand the exact process in terms of setting up the virtual network adapters and such. Can anyone help me out with how I do this?

And to double check, XP Home can RDP to an RDP server, right? Because XP Home *does* have RDP.
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  1. First, your network adaptor for the VM will have to be set to bridged networking (else you won't be able to connect to it). Second, Linux doesn't have an RDP server (no doubt someone will prove me wrong!) that I know of, you need to use XWindow. HAve a look at XMing X Server for Windows which will let you connect to a Linux machine from Windows. (Note - the XWindow terms "server" and "client" are counter-intuitive.)
  2. Linux doesn't have an RDP server although it has an RDP client, you can RDP from Linux into windows but not the other way around.

    For remote access you can use XDMCP, X11 over SSH, VNC or the remote access console built-into VirtualBox and VMWare.

    Good luck :)
  3. Thanks so far guys, things are a bit clearer for me. The only thing I'm stuck on is I thought that VirtualBox provided allowed Linux to act as a "VRDP server". I could be wrong though.
  4. Gracious! I completely overlooked the VRDP server. To be honest, I didn't even know about it (although I was aware of a similar thing with VMWare server).

    Read Chapter 7 of the Virtual Box manual, and it doesn't matter how the virtual networking is configured. XWindow is very useful if you want to run just one program from the remote Linux machine, as opposed to the whole desktop, but can be a little tricky to set up. The Remote Console (VRDP) seems the easiest way to go for your purposes.
  5. VirtualBox does have a remote access console and they're calling it VRDP. It's proprietary.

    Vbox comes with /usr/bin/rdesktop-vrdp on Linux.

    The rdesktop client on Linux seems to work with VRDP too, I can't say if the windows version works or not but I'd think it would.

    Semper Fi :)
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