120mm fan for ultra 120 extreme? mine doesn't fit

Well I bought the ultra 120 extreme from newegg the other day along with a silverstone FM121 fan. After trying to get the fan attached to the cooler for over an hour, I am convinced it just doesn't fit even though thermalright states "any" 120mm fan. Has anyone else used this for their cpu cooler? Can you recommend one that will fit? Thanks.
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  1. You may have to mod the clip or the fan shroud to get that Silverstone fan on there.

    Certain fan shroud designs don't work too well because of the way the clip mount sets on it.
  2. I have a Silverstone case that came with installed fans, and these fans have posts on each corner. The Thermalright HS is designed for fans that do not have posts (also known as 'Flange-type fans).

    You can remove the posts with a Dremel (or saw) without too much problem. You only need to cut away enough for the hole to be exposed.

    I have no idea how to explain this in words, so here's a pic:


    This was my 1st attempt at exposing the hole. In later attempts, I cheated and just used a saw to cut a triangle out :P
  3. cool thank you...yes I understand now and thanks for the picture..I didn't even think about it enough to dremel, i just went ahead and ordered the same fan that anandtech used to test with
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