Diablo 2 on Vista help(install problem)

Well I have tried everything that I searched about diablo 2 and yet nothing has helped. I have windows vista 32-bit. and an HP computer, if you need to know anymore specs just say so. anways, I recieve a couple of errors and I'll show you pics of them in a second, first off, I can't even install the game and these errors come up when I try to run the set up, if you help thanks a lot

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  1. Try running the install.exe in compatibility mode.
  2. i have tried that. and changing reg keys. i dont know what to do
  3. You could partition your hard drive & install XP, dual boot, and run diablo 2 through xp.


    You could get a cheap p3 or p4 computer on clearance somewhere and put D2 on it.
  4. I have another problem.. i have istalled d2 + LoD but when im gona start it dont find my Disk. i´ve tryed to write -w but it dont work.. i have the disk but it stands that i has to put in my disk and click retry :S

    PLZ HELP!! add erik@live.se if y can help ^^
  5. hi im using vista 32bit also on my asus laptop...my diablo 2 is working with LOD cd image on daemon lite tools..and having -w / -window on desktop shortcut..my diablo 2 folder is a copy-paste form my xp desktop and still working :D
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