Will OEM XP Home work on a different PC?

This has probably been asked before but I didn't see it when I searched for it, so please don't bug me about that.

Ok so I have a OEM version of XP home from a old dell that is being replaced by my new build. Is it possible to use the reinstall disk to put xp on the new rig? I have heard that the OS will look for tags in the mobo bios and won't install if it can't find them.

If it won't work would an upgrade version of xp work. They are cheaper but need verification that you own a copy of a MS operating system, could I use the OEM xp for verification.

If none of this will work is there anyother way to get around buying a full version of xp home? I don't want to spend $200 on the OS if I can avoid it.
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  1. True, you can't use a Dell Windows XP CD on a non-Dell computer. You can get a copy of Windows XP Home OEM from Newegg for $89.99.

  2. You can install it, however its going to ask you to activate it. You may possibly be allowed to activate it over the phone, I know with vista it worked, as long as you haven't called in the past that is.

    If they refuse to activate it for you over the phone. Your option is to jump on newegg.com or somewhere and get an oem edition. They are fairly cheap, xp home will be around 90 dollars or so. But remember you will run into the same problem you have now.

    If you dish out more for a upgrade edition that is retail or even the full retail edition you will be allowed to activate and move those as often as you need to. yeah you will have to call them each time, but they don't have that limit.

    I know I am in that same position as well. I had vista, and I reformatted my machine. I reinstalled and it asked me to call, I said screw it and went back to xp.

    It is sad, but it really irritates me that Microsoft can actually chain itself to a single computer, as soon as that computer becomes different enough where it is not recognized as the same machine your screwed.

    I am pretty sure i've bought at least 6 copies of xp in the last 5 years. It sure would of been nice to just be able to buy it once and just move it to the new computer. Guess that is why their profits keep climbing, windows xp oem edition, its like gas for your car. You have to keep buying it over and over again.

    I really don't think they should be allowed to do that. I mean obviously that machine is no longer going to be used, you paid the "windows tax" on it. This is a great example why one company should not be allowed to own 90 percent of a market that is so crucial to everyday life. Think if they had competition like Intel amd they would do something like that? Heck no, and Microsoft wonders why people pirate.

    I mean how many people right now would say hey, I bought an os im not buying another one and having to go thorugh this again in a year when I buy a new system, so where do you think they go next. Quick google search for how to break xp activation. Google is a wonderful thing huh?

    Sorry about the rant, this kind of thing burns me up though.
  3. Thanks for replying, being on a buget I'll get a OEM at Newegg and deal with only being able to put it on one computer.
  4. For what it's worth: I recently had to repair/reactivate XP SP2 on a homebuilt after a major upgrade where the only things left to the orignal PC were the case, one hard drive, and my DVD/CD-RW. Windows notified me after the repair that I'd made "significant changes" and would have to re-activate by phone. Microsoft provided a toll-free number to call, which kind of surprised me (their dime instead of mine?) and the whole thing took 6 minutes. The entire reactivation was handled by one of those automated attendant voices, so there was no time wasted on hold or "explaining" anything: the voice asked me to say some characters that Windows had on my screen, and then to type in some numbers that it provided. Easy as pie.

    Your situation is different in that you're talking about a fresh install rather than a repair, but still, I was impressed by how easy it was, especially after I spent a lot of time worrying about it.

    But you're right: a $90 investment isn't bad, and to be fair, you really are talking about a brand new machine, so you may just have to bite that bullet. Good luck with the new rig!
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