Internet connection perameters blank upon reboot.

Grr, this is why i hate reformatting and reinstalling an OS. My last one never had any problems with it - it had four years of active reliable service under its belt. This new one however has constant bugs.

Anyway, almost always when i boot the computer to windows, and then try to connect to the internet, i'm faced with a connect-to screen with the username and password fields completely blank. Then when i fill in said fields and click Connect i get the following error "cannot delete saved password. Error 711 : a configuration error on this computer is preventing
this connection". I get that twice followed by a third stating "cannot connect the phonebook entry"

It's very strange as it only started happening recently. And not consistently either, sometimes i can reboot and i'll not get the problem, such as now. It took me 20 minutes of rebooting thismorning before i got lucky. And the chance of my booting and not getting the problem seems to be getting less likely.

This appears to be a very uncommon problem, i've googled it quite a bit and found next to nothing, or solutions that didn't apply to my circumstances.

I also tried to create another connection to see if i could get around the problem that way but upon completion of the wizard i received the following error "Unable to create the specified connection. This can be caused by insufficient memory or disk space".

Any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance
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  1. is this dial up or cable connection?
    Are you going to start|programs|accessories|communications|new connection wizard?
    try to goto control panel network connections and create a second connection from there without the wizard
    this may be hard to swallow but try going to control panel network connections find your connection and delete it reboot and then setup a new connection. This should delete any passwords that it thinks it sees.
    write back with any questions or concerns.
  2. No none of that worked, and infact made my morning that much more irritating as i had to restart the computer every single time the wizard failed to make the connection, then had to go through it all again. Eventually it worked however and here i am. But i'm still obviously getting the boot-ups where my internet connection will not work.

    Additionally, I have a broadband PPPoE connection.

    Thankyou for your suggestions though dude.

    Edit: Just tried to create an always-on connection, as my connection is originally configured for that, but i get a message saying that there already is one or something - though there isn't.
  3. I dont have much time but try a virus and adaware/spybot scan as you may have a dialer?hijacker and I will come back
  4. I am confused, so you have dsl with a ppoe connection, which obvoiusly requires a username/password.

    So I assume you have a dsl modem connected directly to your nic card? Your isp is reject your login? How long after your computer starts up do you try to login using ppoe?

    I used ppoe back in like 2001, but I haven't used it since so im not sure.

    Tell us who your isp is, also is it an option for you to run out and buy a router? That way you can just take your computer out of the loop for keeping your computer logged into the isp. it's also a lot safer because it has a built in firewall as well.
  5. Basically the problem is a windows-based error. you know when you set up a PPPoE connection with a username and password, if you wish to connect to it you have to click the "connect to" icon, Which brings up the connection dialog where your username and password is usually saved from the last time you used it if the remember check-box is selected. For me, when i boot up windows and click the icon, the connect dialog appears, but the user name and password entry fields are blank, and i can't enter the details without getting the aforementioned errors. I have to reboot my computer numerous times before it works.

    As an update i've discovered that the problem goes away if i don't hard-shutdown my computer, if i shut down from within windows the next boot is OK.

    However sometimes when i click the shutdown or restart button in windows, the mouse pointer flickers for a second and then nothing happens, the computer will not shut down. Even if i do it from the task manager. So i'm forced to hit the reset button on the case.

    And before anyone suggests it, i've run plenty of virus and spyware checks and none have solved either.

    Thanks for the input guys, hopefully i can get these sorted eventually
  6. Look like this is a pretty unusual problem
  7. Bump
  8. It's not that unusual unfortunately.....

    I have the exact same problem, and it is the 2nd time in 4 days. The first time I re-installed XP, but that's not really a solution.

    If anybody has got any advice, I'd love to hear it.

  9. Well it's unfortunate to hear you share my problem dude, but at least I'm not the only one. I was beginning to lose hope thinking it was just me.

    Strangely enough I've not had the problem now for a couple of weeks, since around after my last bump in fact. However i did have it once the other day randomly, but not since. So i can't really say the problem is gone... just not as prominent as it used to be. Some could say that it's a good thing, but to be honest, still having the problem but not having a clue why it has reduced to just once in a while is almost as irritating as having it happen all the time. There seems to be no logical reason for it.
  10. Hi Folks,

    I'm getting the same "uUnable to create the specified connection" message, but the cause seems to be slightly different.

    I'm trying to re-create an Incoming Dial Up connection under Windows XP Embedded so that an office based PC can dial into the remote Embedded PC and collect data from it. Recently the protoype Embedded PC in the office, was rebooted and the Incoming Connection had disappeared and I've been unable to re-create it.

    So my problem isn't that my Internet Connectio Parameters are blank on reboot, the whole Network Connection has gone !

    Any thought or suggestions gratefully received.
  11. win7 64bit ----ya me to no fix for using any type of dialup through a modem i get "error 711 cannot start auto access connection manager blah blah" it did it every now and again i can not connect period.....i got this new laptop..bought it to do my flashes in the field with......AND have to have internet access to use software so cant even use it 4 its inentional purpose.....any ideas lots of complaints on google but no answers..... :pfff:
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