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is there any linux distribution that have the similar function as active directory.
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  1. Active Directory has a huge amount of functionality; what, in particular, are you looking for?
  2. function like controller that control multiple user pc that they cannot change the configuration.
  3. Ah - Group Policies. I don't know if there's anything akin to this for Linux, but hopefully someone knows.
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    What's kinda common in the unix world is to make the pcs into xterms and have them log into one centralized server, that way you've got to configure one server and the pcs aren't really pcs any more.

    This'll make configuring the network much easier but it's got some downsides.

    You'll save a ton of money on thin clients, energy and management costs if it's done right.

    Good luck :)
  5. You can have it if you pay for it :(

    Have you had a look at OpenLDAP, it might be enough for your needs and is still FOS.
  6. so there is no free one, well it obvious you need to pay if yo want more, :(
  7. You have to pay if you use a closed standard controlled by a monopoly.. If MS had gone LDAP we could all be playing nicely together, but no, time for yet another standard that they have exclusive control over.

    Hate the game not the player..
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  9. Samba has no connection with Active Directory. They address two entirely separate issues.
  10. Actually it does as you can use AD for Samba/VisionFS authentication. VisionFS certainly used to allow you to act as BDC or PDC and I'd be surprised if it did not now have full AD integration.
  11. Yes, but authentication is only a fraction of what AD does. For example, the particular aspect that the OP was interested in was Group Policies. Samba doesn't let you do that. Samba is merely an open implementation of the SMB protocol. AD is a fairly complicated directory service which controls many other aspects of a Windows network.

    Samba may be able to use AD, but it in no way provides AD services.
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