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I just received a new Laptop with Vista Business Edition and when I try to connect it to our domain (Windows 2000 Server Standard SP4) I receive this error:

"An attempt to resolve the DNS name of a DC in the domain being joined has
failed. Please verify this client is configured to reach a DNS server that
can resolve DNS names in the target domain."

I've tried adding the computer name to the Active Directory, to the DNS Forwarding list, switching between versions 4 and 6 of TCP/IP, trying different computer names, making sure all windows updates are done and now I'm at my wits end. I'm actually on hold with Dell tech support right now to find a solution but I've been on hold a while now.

Has anyone come across a fix for this?

Thank you.
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  1. I found a fix. I just had to simply change the Network Properties setting the TCP/IP on my laptop from "Obtain DNS server address automatically" to specifying the server address in the DNS. The joined the domain no problem.
  2. Sounds like you didn't have dhcp in your environment, therefore you needed to hard-code a dns IP. Glad you got it resolved.
  3. Most definately. Got yourself out of a bind.
  4. You can assign Global DNS

    preferred DNS:
    Alternate DNS:
  5. Hello, I have the same issue, which I'm trying to connect my wireless laptop with xp to my desktop running vista. I can see the Laptop (running xp) on the the vista but everytime I try to access to vista something comes out the DNS. I cannot see the vista on my xp, I changed the settings on the xp NFS or whatever, restart, same.
    Suggestions please.
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