Security isues when sharing network drives

Are there any security concerns with setting drives to file share on a wired home network? I use Norton Internet Security 2007 on both machines and my intenet conection is through a hardware firewall (router). One machine runs XP Pro and the other Vista Ultimate 32.

Basic question I guess is are my machines any more open to attack with my drives drives set to share all files?
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  1. Where a hacker wants in, he will get in. That is the first lesson in any respectable security school. With that in mind you goal should be to make it difficult enough to appear to "not be worth the effort". You have a good base security setup for a home user. Norton Internet Security is a very good protection package, but it's only as good as it's policies so be sure to look those over for only what you need. The wired router also plays a good part in that it is a NAT which can somewhat mask your network behind it making it that much harder to break into and navigate. With sharing your drives you should be careful and assign access by username and password and that should be sufficient. The biggest concern with the shared drives is someone working inside your local area network such as a wireless connection.
  2. Thank you for the input.
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