Vid card dead?

So my system is

biostar tforce p965
1 raptor 74
enermax liberty 500w (32a to 34a...i ferget)
e6300 (@ 3ghz)
ati 1950pro

Got the system in december of 2006. Overclocked it to 3ghz no problem. Temp never got over 55c under load.

This morning i reboot. I get no Video. The LED display on the motherboard is saying it is a vga issue. So i clear the bios and still teh same result.

So i go out and buy a Geforce 8600gts. And the system runs fine. I can play games for hours.

Unfortunatly im not satisfied with teh performance of the 8600gts, so i return it and get a 8800gts.

Now im getting the same results i was getting with my ati 1950 pro. No video and the mobo lights indicating a vga issue.

So here are the only things i can think can be wrong

1. My 1950 is bad and i got unlucky and got a bad 8800gts.
2. My powersupply is going bad.
3. My motherbaord is going bad.

Any other ideas?

Update: I put a 750 watt BFG PSU in and the system still show video. So im going ro exchange the video card and see if i still have issue. If i do, then perhaps its the PCIE slot going bad on the mobo? Can;t handle high power cards anymore

any thoughts?
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  1. Looks like you are taking the correct steps to troubleshoot the problem. It's rare to see a PCIe slot "go bad" like that, but I do suppose it's possible. Good luck.
  2. I found an old PCI video card and i can get it to post and load into windows.

    For some odd reason the PCI-E slot cannot handle my 1950pro or 8800gts. But it will run a 8600gts...

    So seems like its the motherboard. Garrrr..
  3. Update. This is very odd.

    So i go into the bios with the PCI vid card. Clear it from there. Still no video from teh PCI-X slot.

    So in the bios, i change the mobo to detect the PCI-X by default. And now the PCI-X slot works.....

    Gonna do so mroe testing...
  4. Ok.

    Now after all that mumbo jumbo. I cleared the bios again. So now PCI is set to look first , then pci-x.

    Now system comes up every single time.

    Put in old card, nothing.

    Put in new card, systems comes up.

    Sound like a bad vidcard? Or still possibly flakey mobo?
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