Advent 4213 netbook (pcworld, dixxons, currys)

Advent 4213 netbook is a subnotebook sold at Dixxons, Currys and PC World. Advent, and these retailers, are part of the same umbrella corporation. Advent is a shop's own brand.

I bought the Advent 4213 to work while commuting on trains and in this respect it performs very well. It is small, has built-in 3G, over 3 hours battery time, and runs proper software. The downside is it has a 1024x600 screen. The screen is better than an Asus Eee and worse than a MacBook Air. Care is being taken to optimise screen real-estate.

Herein lies my driver problem. Advent 4213 come with common OSD (ver 1.4) software and this inherently helps with conserving screen space. However, the version supplied is not fully functional. For example, the volume is not visually shown.

Advent offers no software support. The same OSD software is used by HP, Compaq, etc. and I do not know who actually wrote it.

There are text files containing many keycode mappings. However, the meaning of these mappings is unclear and no utility is supplied for personal customisation.

Can you tell me where I might find help with correcting the OSD setup?
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  1. The MSI Wind is an ancestor of the Advent 4213. They share LCD and motherboard. However, the Advent 4213 has different built-in peripherals.

    I just installed the MSI System Control Manager which shares many features with the OSD. It has added the missing volume display. However, the display is displaced and the ASL (?) is apparently invalid. Other features continue to not work, such as brightness.
  2. i know this is a little late, however the ECS g10il is the same netbook but badged differently. on the ecs website ( you can get every driver you need for the 4213 on this siteincluding a 100% working version of the OSD driver. ECS are obviously a little more switched on than dixons and i shall forward this address with a nice little email to the support team at the tech guys! it trook me around 10hours to find the right 3g modem driver,until i stumbled accross this site.

  3. That sounds absolubtly crazy that they have no software support, considering how long currys has been going i would have thought that they would offer a decent amount of product support for thier own products even if they haven't got their branding on it, i'm shocked! :o
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