bit of a newbie question..but help plz!

So I just orderd my components from newegg and I am excited to try my hand at building my own pc. I have been reading many tutorials about how to do this and I see one issue potentially...

I did not order a floppy drive for my pc, just one dvd/cd-rw drive. I have two harddrives that I want to install in a raid-o configuration on windows vista. Now every guide I read talks about a raid driver floppy disk that comes with the motherboard that is needed to install the hd's in windows....Is a floppy drive something that I will simply need to get or is there a way around this?

-thanks for the help
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  1. A flash drive.

    Hope this helps
  2. Well, you could use a USB drive. I haven't tried this though. I had the same problem about the Floppy drive. Everytime I need one, I have to go pull one out of another sytstem. But I can say that the only time I've used it on my main system was to install my RAID Drivers. Never had another need for one.

    So realistically, there is no workaround. Don't you have another older system that has one?
  3. yes I do, and i guess i might just have to install the floppy drive, use it for the raid driver, and then uninstall it afterward..Kind of a pain though.

    I wish there was a way I could install the hd config without having to use a floppy disk...
  4. Another solution is to not use raid-0. It would be simpler, and the value of raid-0 is suspect. Goto to read up on it.
  5. Read your mobo documentation carefully. I do NOT have direct experience on RAID, but here's what I remember. The stumbling block is that the RAID drivers need to be read in from somewhere before the RAID array can be read from. One way is, using the install CD utilities that come with the mobo, you make a floppy disk which is just enough to load those RAID drivers and give your system access to the array. Then, during boot-up, you have to put that floppy into the drive, etc. A flash drive is just another version of this, provided your mobo's BIOS has built-in drivers for the USB2 ports (most do today).

    Another way for some mobo's seems to be that you designate in BIOS which physical hard disk will be the basic "boot drive", and this can be simply a small partition on one of the HDD's in the RAID system. Then the mobo's install CD utilities can install in that partition only a very basic booter that loads the drivers from it, giving access to the entire RAID array, and the real booting proceeds from there.
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