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I am a PC tech working on a computer with a bum OS (cant recover). The deal is, I found out he has set "Make this Folder Private" on his profile and I need a bit of help.

1.) What does "Make this Folder Private" do? Does it set NTFS folder/file level permissions? Or does it encrypt outside of the normal encryption (EFS).

2.) What can I do? I have Winternals, but it doesn't load if the hard drive is connected. I do not know why.

Help guys!

Thanks so much.
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  1. Guys, I found the answers and they are good.
    I thought about it and I feel it is not a good idea to have this topic answered as it may be considered "hacking" which is against forum policy as well as my own.

    For those who come into this situation, all I can say is yes, you can recover the data and no it is not EFS.
  2. It's no secret. In Windows Explorer, go to <Drive Letter>:\Documents and Settings and right click on the username folder. Select Properties, Security, Advanced and then the Owner Tab. Change owner to the username that you're logged in as and also check Replace owner on suncontainers and objects. You should now have access to your files. You need to boot into Safe Mode if it's XP Home.

  3. Well you learn by doing, and so I learn by trying.
    Now, how to do the same thing, but the files are also encrypted by Windows EFS.
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