Windows Vista programs running sloooow

I have been experiencing a new problem when using Vista. Whenever I am using Windows explorer and right click on a file, it takes about a minute for the drop down menu to appear. Also whenever I try to delete a file or use CTRL-C to copy a file, windows explorer goes to a "Not responding" state and then a minute later continues as normal.

I have already tried to fix the issue with ShellExView but the problem is still persisting.

It is ONLY doing this with Windows Explorer at the moment. everything else runs fine.
Has anyone else experienced this?

My current setup:
Intel 6750
Geforce 8800GTS 640MB
4GB ram
840GB HD
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  1. I used to get that with XP and I tried everything to fix it. I finally reinstalled the OS. The delay was less than a minute, maybe 10 - 20 seconds, but anything more than a second or two is intolerable, much as I like to right click. Good luck. Maybe just system restore to before it happened if nothing better comes in, but do it soon else you may not have a restore point.
  2. I would suggest disk cleanup and disk defrag to improve the hdd response times as well as maybe a checkdisk to see if there are any errors in the hdd causing misses and then finally last install windows
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