Fix my "My Computer"!

Just noticed this today. You know how the normal My Comp is supposed to look, like this...

But when I went to access my comp, it now looks like this...

Does anyone know how I can change this back? I done a system restore, but no luck.
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  1. goto the view menu and chhose thumbnails
  2. Looks like your Themepack changed it. :p Anyways, pat mcgroin's suggestion will work.
  3. Hey Pat, I tried that last night, but then it looked like a normal Thumbnail like you might see in the Pics folder, not like normal.

    And rgeist, it just happened today. My theme has been that way for about 3 months now, and never changed.
  4. Have you tried to change it to some other setting and then changing it back?
  5. What do you mean by some other setting?
  6. oops I meant tiles
    I just went back and tried it again and tiles instead of thumbnails is the correct answer.
    In view choose tiles and then file|close
    The file|close is what saves your settings. If you just click the X your settings dont always get saved correctly.
  7. Done that, and no luck as well.

    Ive been messing around with it today, and have discovered that it works on all themes, and also that it only happens on my account. I went into Safe Mode, and logged into the Admin account, and it was normal on that one.
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