Tom's Hardware, Nero 9 backitup image tool is not visible when it loads up. It is for Windows 7. It loads in a Linux platform.
The first time I loaded it, the users interface was there. I accidentally killed the power. Then when I had gone back to reload the Nero BackItUp Image Tool,
no more user interface. I tried several times to reload the DVD, but no satisfaction. There is an xterm which I can access. I not very versed at Unix or Linux. But I can learn. what command will bring the user interface back? Can you assist. Bilbat may have a solution.

The Sea.
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  1. Why don't you use Brasero or K3b? They're native apps and work great.

    Good luck :)
  2. I don't know what Brasero or K3b is or is located. Where do I find Brasero or K3b?
    Is it a command for linux? Are you familiar with the Nero BackItUp image tool? What do I put in the xterm to re-start the users interface?

    The Sea.
  3. yum install k3b

    yum install brasero

    apt-get install k3b

    apt-get install brasero

    Yum is for redhat, apt is for debian, ubuntu, mint or anything else that's debian based.

    Or go to Applications Add/Remove Software ( ubuntu, etc ) or Applications Ubuntu Software Center ( ubuntu 10.04 ) or System Administration Add/Remove Software ( redhat ).

    K3b and Brasero should work just as good if not a lot better than nero would. They're both native apps and native apps and practically always better.

    Good luck :)
  4. I just need to know what to type in the xterm to get the user interface back. I really don't under stand your message. I fairly new at this.
  5. I think you might have broken your installation of Nero 9 back it up image tool, as I understand what you are saying this is an option that you could boot your computer into so that you could make images of the system as backup. You have not actually installed Linux as the Nero 9 tools that run under their own mini version of linux.

    Am I on the right track here? It might help the others if they better understand what you are doing...

    You could try having a look roound here:

    as they might have some guides.
  6. Thank you for the reply.
    Yes, that is what I am trying to do with the program. To reiterate the subject;
    The option that I am trying to use is, the one that says, that it is possible to boot my computer from Nero 9 "BackItUp Image Tool" to enable it to image my hard drives, for back up purposes. Currently, the graphical users interface (GUI) of the "BackItUp Image Tool" is not visible anymore when, BackItUp Image Tool (BUT), loads up to where I can make images of the system to be backed up.

    However, an (Xterm) can be enabled, which is located at the bottom of the screen. There is a menu bar at the bottom of the screen. In the menu bar, there is nothing there except a square button. If you ("Press"/click) the square button, an X-term will appear.

    Obviously, I am not a UNIX guru and my skills are limited in this arena. (BUT) Initially worked. It stopped working when I accidentally cut the power to the system. Somehow, (BUT) embedded part of itself onto my hard drives. When BUT sees the DVD , it loads everything including the GUI, but it only stays for an instant . I'm not 100% that is correct, yet that's the way it appears to me. Why you ask? Because, when I turn off both hard drives on the system, and reboot the system with just the DVD, the graphical users interface returns. Therefore I surmised, the information to turn off the GUI is embedded on the hard drives now. I just need to turn it back on, I hope.

    Nevertheless, the questions I am asking are::
    1). What Is the Command to start the graphical users interface (GUI) again?
    2). What is the name of the executable program?

    I hope this reiteration clarifies what I'm asking. Sorry for any confusion and for not supplying enough information. And thank you for replying.
  7. Hi again,
    From the Nero support window:

    To boot the computer from this disc proceed as follows:
    "Insert the CD/DVD and restart your computer. If Windows loads despite the boot disc, you will have to change the boot sequence in the BIOS. The necessary instructions can be found in the manual that came with your computer.
    When the program is loaded please choose your desired language first."

    This is where I loose the GUI. I never make it to the next statement:

    "After having made your selection a window similar to the one from Nero BackItUp appears."

    The Sea.
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