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hi guys,

how should i do this? i never had two operating systems at once so dont have much of a clue and i dont wanna mess things up.

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  1. Install the oldest operating system first.. install on seperate partitions.
  2. i installed. when i want to remove it can i just format the hdd with vistas on it or should it be done "properly" within the vista system somewhere?
  3. To remove an o/s you do simply format the hdd. However, if you've setup a dual boot you will need to remove the entry for the removed o/s from the boot.ini.

    The complexity of this depends on which o/s you are keeping.

    To edit XP boot.ini simply run system properties -> advanced -> startup and recovery settings ... and edit the boot.ini to remove the entry for the other o/s.

    To edit the Vista boot.ini you need to use the command line tool bcdedit.exe.. which isn't easy.. alternatively there's an application out there called Vista Boot Pro which makes editing the boot.ini very simply in Vista..

    you could also boot off the Vista DVD and perform a startup repair, which may sort it out.
  4. ok, will try that. thanks :)
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