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I have a few OSs that I downloaded from an academic site allied with my college. I want to get these on CDs/DVDs and be able to boot from them. They are ISO images right now. What program and/or what do I ahve to do to ig uess open these ISOs, burn them to discs, and be able to boot from them?
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  1. You don't say which OS you are using, which is fairly important when asking about software!

    If it's Windows, this software will allow you to burn iso images to CDs.
  2. Sorry, actually didnt think it mattered because i thought i was going to need 3rd party software anyway. I am running VISTA Ultimate 64-bit
  3. Yes, but if you were running - for example - Linux there would be no point in recommending Windows software. I think the software that I linked to should run fine on your PC.
  4. thanks, i will give it a try.
  5. That works perfectly, thanks. Only problem is, it only writes to CDs or only takes ISOs that are in CD format. Anything that can record a DVD ISO?
  6. Never tried this one myself, but it looks like it should do the job.
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