What is the best task automation software for Windows Vista?

I'd like to use this to accomplish tasks, mouse clicks and keystrokes, both online and off-line. I need it to be as precise and accurate as possible!
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  1. I would need a bit more info to give a specific recommendation but you can take a look at Automation Software for some reviews.
    I like WinAutomation for local windows tasks but there are tons of programs out there to try if you want.
  2. I'm pretty sure the best software for automating online tasks is UBot Studio. Built-in functions to create accounts, and easy ways to click buttons and fill forms lets you solve a lot of problems with mundane tasks by building an .exe to do them for you. Very cool!

  3. Depends on what you want to automate. A good choise is AutoMat:


    Very easy to use, simple and freeware! :o
  4. not sure if it woks on vista, but im using Win7 and im using eMouse - http://software.eskadia.com
    its free and lets you record if you dont feel like making a script with code
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