Mount a shared folder on Windows 2003 using cleartext password

I have this kind of matter: a Network with an Ldap accounting system. Then a Windows 2003 Enterprise server acting as a Terminal Server. This Windows is connected to a Samba PDC, connected to the ldap. I need that a user, in the ldap, logging to the Terminal server, mount a personal shared folder in a filer connected to the same ldap (so same login and password than the Windows 2003 server). When I try to do it manually, Windows 2003 ask me login a password (the same I used to logon) to mount the folder. Seem no way to do it in a login script, nor in the startup disk.
Any suggestion?

Kind regards
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  1. What do you use for the logon script language? You can pass the Net Use command both a username and password so can code it into a batch file.
  2. Dear hang-the-9, thank for your answer. Yes, it's right, but at the login I need to know the password. The password change every month for every user in the ldap, and is unknown to the administrator. So, insert it for every user, every month requesting the password to the user I think can be hard to manage.
    In my opinion (but I'm not a Windows guru...) there are two choice:
    1) Let Windows automount the folder, but I have the problem of the cleartext password;
    2) As is done with NFS, mount the shared disk as 'system disk', with ful control by the administrator, and left Windows with the 'ACL' to manage the right. But I don;t know how mount a network share, in windows, that is available for all the users, except with the logon file (but doesn't work...).
    Kind regards,
  3. Could you put some more detail into what you are trying to do?

    You mention a Terminal Server with 2003, do you want a script to first logon to that Terminal Server (through Remote Desktop?)

    The network share that you want for all users, where are that folder located? On the Windows Server or remotely?

    The user account for accessing the Windows 2003 Terminal Server, is that in the LDAP server - which presents it to Windows through Samba?
  4. Dear Ricno,

    many thanks for your answer and sorry for a so late replay.

    This is the situation:
    The Terminal Server is connected to a Samba PDC as domain controller;
    I have netapp that is connected to the same ldap as the PDC for authentication and that is hosting the home directories, used also by other systems (Unix via NFS).
    I want that a user, connecting to the Terminal server via Remote Desktop can see his own home directory without requiring a password.
    I can't use a script, because the password change every month, and the 'auto-login' of windows doesn't work I suspect because the password is sent in cleartext.

    Let me know if you need more detail.

    Or, if there are some suggestions...

    Kind Regards
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