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Windows Media Centre (player)

Hi, i played a Movie DVD yesterday and all worked well and i watched the first movie, has two movies on one DVD disk.

Problem now is "two fold" :fou: - today for some reason it starts playing the second movie automatically (i might have wanted to watch the first movie again) - also, it takes at least a minute to load with hard drive working "flatout", and when it eventually tries to play the movie for about 5 seconds, it pauses and DVD drive loads again and hard drive works flatout again and on it goes in repeated pauses!

I checked all the player settings i could find (hardly any), and could not resolve the problem.

For some reason, it does not give me the choice of playing the first movie?

It seems to remember the where i left off - the end of first movie and it plays in repeated loadings when yesterday it played continually,

any help appreciated :cry: , thanks,
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    I wish I could help you, but I don't use media player to watch DVDs.

    But the reason that I'm posting is to suggest using VLC to watch movies. It's a pretty low resource but powerful video player. It doesn't look as pretty, but works excellent.
  2. Thanks, i 'll give it a go :)
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