how to change letter of DVD-RW from D to E??

hi folks,

my harddisk 1 is C, harddisk 2 is E, and DVD-RW is D, and I am using Paragon Partition Manager, version 8.5, build 1473 (07.03.07 ) Professional, and want to change HDD2 from E to D and the DVD-RW from D to E.
how can I do this??
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  1. Drive letters can be changed here:

    Control Panel -> Computer Management -> Disk Management.

    Right click on the volume you want to alter and click 'Change Drive Letter and Paths'.
  2. Dear Pogotron,
    I tried, but the first letter it shows is E, since D seems to be assigned to the DVD-RW - is there any way to "un-assign" it from the DVD-RW??
  3. try changing the dvd to h and then change the hdd to d
    then go back and change the dvd to e
    It wont let you change the hdd to d as long as something else is curently using it
  4. i already tried to change the dvd letter, but couldn't find anywhere to change it. How do i change the letter of the dvd??
  5. in windows help search drive letter
    It explains it better than I could in a limited space
  6. oh. i see. actually, it was the same place pogotron said, but the dvd drives were a little more to the bottom, so I thought only the hard disks were shown there.. :S
    now the problem is resolved, thanks to you all..
  7. Be aware that some programs for which you need a CD to update, e.g., Office 2000, will look for it in the D drive, old drive letter, and won't find what it's looking for and you will have to manually change it to the new driver letter, in this case E. Partition Magic has a mapping function that will change will change all programs look to the new drive letter. Don't know if there are any free programs that will do this or if Windows has this function
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