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:hello:this morning when i was trying to free my computer of too much cpu usage,using the ctrl-alt-del thingy...(dont know much about computers) i accidentally terminated a svchost.exe. (system) so now i think that it was the audio one so i need help on how to turn it back on and when my computer is starting up, it doesnt work. the toolbar at the bottom of the screen flickers on and off and each time it comes back on, it has to load all over again. is there a possibility of fixing this??? p.s. i am currently in safe mode on Windows XP on a Compaq Desktop. thanks....
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  1. I have been having a similar problem, but i had a visual studio debugger coming up, and when i closed that it would automatically kill thie svchost.exe.

    After a little research i found some forums (Link) they said go to services and re-enable the windows audio by going to
    clicking start> run> type 'services.msc' [WITHOUT QUOTES]> Scroll down to Windows Audio> double click Windows Audio> If it has not been started, or has stopped click start>

    I took it a step further in hope that it would not happen again.

    In the Windows Audio Properties windows click on the tab 'Recovery', You will see a First, Second and Subsequent Failure drop down menus i set all of mine to 'Restart the Service'.

    So far i have not encountered any problems. Im assuming after 1 minute of this services being disabled it will be turned back on.

    Hope this helps you, and anyone else looking for svchost.exe audio
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