Reinstalling Vista, 2 hard drive question

haha, i know the titles messed up, but heres what i meant to say...

im gonna format my main drive (plan to) basically reinstall vista on it. i have all my programs and applications installed onto my second drive though. im wondering what will happen when i format my main drive? i know the files will be untouched but will there be any reinstallation issues or anything like that?

also, i have programs that have been installed on both drives (im not sure why it requires that) but stuff like adobe creative suite, it gave me the option to install it all on the main drive or something like 1gb on main drive and 4gb on secondary drive.

i could use some helpful information please! thanks!!
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  1. You'll just have to do a lot of reinstallation of programs you had on the second drive b/c of shortcuts being gone, etc, but if you don't tell it mess with the 2nd drive, everything there should be there.
  2. i see,
    to reinstall everything, even though the files are there, i have to basically go through the full process meaning uninstall reinstall? no other short way is there?
  3. First, you have to reinstall because of the registry, some applications are installing files in the Windows directory, and may be other Windows files are modified.

    You won't be able to do an uninstall because your new Windows won't be aware of the application.

    You can normally do an install and specified an existing directory (2nd drive) and this may preserve the configuration that you had.
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