Kubuntu installation trouble

i installed kubuntu on my old pc from an alternate live cd.
installation went fine but after rebooting after install screen shows sync out of range message. i tried googling solutions for the problm but none of them worked for me as i could not even log in to make the changes indicated in them.
my specs are as follows
processor:athlon xp 2000+
gpu FX 5200
mobo: 7vm400mrz gigabyte
ram 2gb
monitor samsung syncmaster 773s 17"

PS: i could not install "grub" or "grub 2" during install had to up using LILO
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  1. I'm thinking your monitor can't display whatever video mode the vga's putting out.

    Press alt control minus a bunch of times until you find a video mode that works.

    alt control plus cycles video modes the other way.

    Good luck :)
  2. my monitor can output 1024x786 at 75mhz and with nvidia drivers installed the list of options is even more but that's on xp as os. i would like to mention though ubuntu 9.10 installs with absolutely no problems and no issues with screen res either.
  3. the alt ctrl +/- doesn't work....any other ideas?
  4. bumping it up
  5. Maybe you should try xubuntu its good for older pc's but if you want kde I dont know.
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