2GB USB Flash Drive serious problems

I had problems with my USB flash drive mounting in Ubuntu 7.04 and when I tried mounting it in windows...it was detected but wouldn't mount.

I switched to my other computer which mounted the drive as drive F but then displayed :

File System : RAW
Capacity : 0k of 0k

i used the Easeus Professional Data Recovery utility and got all my files recovered and now preparing to RMA this thing.

thing is that I can't format this drive

It says : Unknown Capacity on the format screen ...

I need to wipe out the data somehow and I do not intend to physically damage it..

Is there any utility that can wipe out flash drives for good?

Apparently Paragon doesn't have support for USB Flash drives..

A-Data is the manufacturer of my flash drive
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  1. If you plug it in while in Linux, use dmesg to see what device it gets assigned. Let's assume it is /dev/sda for this example. Now, run:

    dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=4096

    You may need to be root, depending on how you have setup the privileges for the device file. Make absolutely sure you put in the correct device file in the command above. It is very easy to wipe a filesystem this way.
  2. is that supposed to work even when the device can't even mount itself?

    It detects in Linux but fails to mount.
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