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my girlfriend was taping the TO address field on the envelope and cut off the city/state to send it to. it went through the post office and got postmarked, then sent back as a return to sender.

the date it is postmarked is before it needed to be postmarked, however the day i got it is after the day it had to be postmarked by, so i can't resend it in a new envelope.

can i take it to the post office and write in the city/state and have them honor the day it was postmarked? or would they have to repostmark it?

anything else i can do, call the manufacturer's rebate center? it's flippin $30. damn girlfriend.
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  1. Could try placing the entire thing inside a new envelope along with a letter explaining what happened and send that in ( After getting a pic of the postmarked envelope for your record ) -- Not sure if the rebate company will still honor the rebate or not but at least they will get the envelope with the post mark so they know you did attempt to send in in time ) -- Figure the main reason companies do these stupid rebates is because many never get redeemed for reasons like this and they can advertise a lower cost than what they actually get.

    If you hear back that they deny the rebate then call the company whose product you bought and complain to them about it ( OR E-mail them and include a Pic of the postmarked envelope) and you might get them to have the rebate company honor the rebate.
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