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Every so often my PC will perform a BSOD randomly whether the computer is just sitting idle or I am doing some mindless task with it.

When the computer reboots into XP, I send the error information to Microsoft and then Microsoft says that problem was due to a device driver. Every so often it says it is due to a memory malfunction which I assume means the RAM.

I have formatted and re-installed XP a couple of times trying to curb this problem and only using drivers from either the CDs that came with the devices or the drivers straight from the manufacturers site. I am out of ideas and plan on selling the computer but would like to fix this problem before doing so. Any assistance would be appreciated.

If you need my computer's specs it should be with my profile info.
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  1. Start by running the hdd diagnostic/repair software from the mfg website.
  2. I ran the software and poth drives passed, any other suggestions?
  3. If you have to sticks of RAM, try them one at a time and in different slots
  4. What would be the best way to test them. THE BSODs happen randomly so I do noit know if that will help any.
  5. You could run Memtest with both sticks in to make sure the RAM is good. If it is, then run one stick and try to do a lot of things at the same time, i.e., stress the memory. Usually when you get even random BSODs you're doing certain, e.g., have certain programs running in the background, while doing what ever.
  6. Well I used Microsoft's Memory Diagnostic tool, and it seems I have one bad memory module. I am going to try to RMA soon. Thanks for your help.
  7. Glad you figured out, too bad. If you bought a set, I'd see about sending both back for a new set. You bought a set for a reason, you wanted them identical, which I guess means coming off the assembly line at the same time
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