Why is Outlook 2007 running out of memory?

Why is Outlook 2007 running out of memory?
I am using a Thinkpad T60P laptop with 2GB of memory and 120GB harddrive. (Harddrive has about 60GB free). I am running WinXP with SP3.
Whenever I attempt to start Outlook I get an error message that pops up that tells me that I am "...out of memory or system resources". I cannot expand my folders, I cannot move folders. I basically cannot do anything or I get an out of memory error.
Outlook is the only application listed as running on the Application tab in the Task Manager.
I have two .pst files: one is 1,009K and the other is 324,937K which are obviously small-ish .pst files.
(I am running 3 .pst files on my desktop (that only has 512MB of memory) that are all larger than 1,000,000K and I get no problems at all--although I am using Outlook 2003 on the desktop).
I have run an AV scan and have no virus. I have also run Ad-Aware, Spybot, and MalWareByte's Anti-Malware and have no mal-ware.
Is there a setting in Outlook that I have somehow overlooked? I am running the Business Contact Manager in Outlook but this system should have more than enough memory to handle Outlook running by itself?
What am I missing. Please help me as I am aggravated byond belief at this point.
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  1. I have exactly the same problem. I'm running a powerful workstation notebook, 4gb RAM, XP SP2. It is just a matter of opening outlook for a few hours and it brings my machine down. i have several small PSTs, none of them bigger than 600MB. it is a shame, outlook 2007 is a disaster, in fact the whole office 2007 it is a disaster regarding performance and memory. I think there is a huge memory leak somewhere in their code and it does not look like Microsoft is concerned to fix this... i wish i could move to Apple, because MS sucks....

  2. Give these 3 links a look and try what they say and see if it helps.
    It should. If not post back as there is one more thing that can be done but it shouldnt be necessary.



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