What is an applet vs. a script?

Is an applet a set of scripts?
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  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Applet

    I'm not sure where to draw the connection between the two, but I guess both can be thought of as running inside or on top of something else.

    Java applets run inside of web browsers on top of the JVM similar to Java. Though I suppose one could have an applet compiled directly to machine code to be run natively, at which point you wouldn't call it an applet anymore. Scripts (code written in a Scripting Language) are interpreted rather than compiled into machine code (C, C++ etc) or intermediate code (Java bytecode). The line actually thins when it comes to Java, Java applets and JavaScript, nevertheless, while Java and Java applets both end up as bytecode and are run with the help of the JVM, JavaScript is interpreted by the JavaScript Interpreter that eventually executes the code accordingly. As per the wiki page, apparently the first JavaScript interpreter was written in C and as such - no bytecodes or JVM.

    I'm afraid to say more so as to not say something that's incorrect but perhaps this will make somewhat of a distinction.
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