Canon LBP-660 Driver

Hi There!

I need a Windows 2000 driver for my Canon LBP-660 printer.
I can't get it from the official Canon Asia/Oceania site. I just
a "404 page error" message. Yes it is a very old printer.

I am trying to install it on my Windows 7 laptop. I'm not ready
to ditch the LBP-660. It is an oldie but a goldie. ;-)


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  1. You cannot use a Windows 2000 driver with Windows 7. But what you CAN try is manually installing it using built-in Windows 7 Canon drivers until you find one that works.
  2. Thanks Phil. I found the Driver on the European Canon site with the help of Canon. I used to have the printer attached to my old laptop running Windows XP. Worked fine. Now my new laptop run Windows 7. The printer has a cable with a parallel port so I bought a USB/parallel connector. My laptop can see the printer but not the Driver. I don't know what I'm supposed to do next. When I try and "add a printer" the LBP-660 is not on the list of printers to choose from. Maybe I should just buy a new printer. It is a very old printer. Any suggestions.
  3. OK looks like I reached a dead end. I attempted to instal the Driver and got this message.
    "Driver Installation Error - Windows can't install the Canon LBP-660 kernel-mode printer driver.
    To obtain a driver that is compatible with the version of Windows you are running, contact the
  4. Try installing the driver using Vista compatibility mode.
  5. From Windows Seven Forums:
    "If there is an install program for those drivers, you could try to run that in Compatibility Mode, but you can't install drivers in Compatibility Mode.
    Compatibility Mode changes settings for that program so that it thinks it's running in XP/Vista. But with drivers, the .dll and .sys files are written for XP and you can change all the settings you want but they'll ALWAYS be written for XP and therefore probably won't work with 7."
  6. Yes, I know, BUT it might just be the install program that is causing the problem. Generally, Windows Vista drivers work fine on Windows 7.
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