Is It Possible to Modify the Mouse Driver?

Went and got myself a Kensington Optical Mouse Ci20 ( Only problem with it is that the forward and back buttons are switched (it's a 5 button). They have drivers for every OS except Vista, which is what I have. With these drivers all five buttons are customizable. Vista is suppose to have it's own drivers, wherein the forward and back are not customizable, and are mixed up. And Kensington says they will not fix this problem.

Is there any way of modifying the Vista mouse driver to correct this problem?
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  1. write your own driver? sorry lol i have no idea what to do in that case XD I just let windows download the driver automatically when it installs
  2. Already an old thread, but anyway...

    I read that drivers can be installed in compatibility mode. That is, the driver installer (like Setup.exe or Install.exe usually) must be launched through a shortcut where you adjust the Compatibility panel. And then, for some reason, the driver itself runs in compatibility mode.

    Please note that I didn't try it by myself.
  3. I guess that unless you are programmer that works for the company that released that mouse (or a super-hacker), there is no way to modify drivers :)
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