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Hi I'm purchasing a new Computer and will be using Ubuntu instead of Windows this time. I would use windows 7 but it doesn't support my software and i dont wanna use XP anymore. So I'm getting Ubuntu 10.04 which supports my software. Is there any tips or tricks that are good to know? or anything else i should know about Ubuntu? and is there an Alt-F4 trick in Ubuntu that brings up like a Task Manager or something? Thanks a lot! :D
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  1. You'll want to get familiar with the terminal. While there are ways to do almost anything you'll need to do using GUI's, the Terminal is a very powerful tool in *NIXes. It'll take some time, but it's not too bad. For example...

    [cpp]sudo apt-get update[/cpp]
    Will download all available updates. You will be required to input your root password.

    [cpp]sudo apt-get upgrade[/cpp]
    This will install the downloaded updates.

    It's a bit strange, but it's fairly straight forward. :)

    Alt-F2 is the "Run" command, if you used that at all on windows.

    You can set key-bindings in System > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts.

    There's a lot more out there, but there's a few tips to get you started :) Good luck!
  2. Thanks, is the like a Alt-F4 trick or a Alt-Control-Delete one?
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    Alt-F4 works in Ubuntu (at least it does for me). If it's not working for you... :

    System > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts
    Scroll down to 'Window Management' and set a key binding for 'Close Window'.

    What are you wanting to use Ctrl-Alt-Delete for? If you're wanting to use it to End Processes, etc., this can be done from :

    System > Administration > System Monitor

    I'm not sure that there's a shortcut key to open this, but there very well may be.
  4. thanks!
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  6. No problem :) Feel free to ask if you have any more questions.
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