Nvidia IDE driver installed for 650i chipset?

Hey All,

New C2D system in sig. Basically just OC/stablilty testing so far, but tried ripping a CD and took 2x as long as Ath XP 2600+ system. Noticed no Nvidia IDE driver was installed with chipset drivers. Default MS drivers being used. Anybody know if IDE driver is supposed to install with this chipset driver ? I installed the latest drivers on NV website when i put the sys together ~6 weeks ago.
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  1. IIRC, it doesnt install with the system drivers unless you check the option to install them.

    i think you can insert the MSI mobo disc >>> system drivers >>> check the Nvidia IDE Drivers box >>> next >>> follow prompts

    or use the "Have disc..." method to update the drivers from the device manager.
  2. Thanx for the reply. I think i found the problem. samsung has "magicspeed" which sets the default CD read speed to low for various stupid reasons listed on their website. Only CDs and only read set to low. you have to download the magicspeed app to set the default to high. sounds like this will solve the slow rip speed but haven't tried it yet.
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