Vista 64 bit vs 32 bit

I am building a new pc and I was wondering should I get 64 or 32 bit vista. I heard people have issues with 64 with different hardware but I will dual boot with xp. I am getting 4 gb of ram.

I have a Labtec net cam and a new lexmark printer, will that work in 64, Do all new games work in 64 bit vista, or will I have some problems.
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  1. We got a lots of posts here 64 vs 32 just search the forum, as for drivers, it is not a secret that it is harder to find drivers for 64 bit OS, you will just have to go to your hardware website and check.
  2. The main consensus of what I have seen is more a matter of age. If the things you are using are newer (2-3 years old) then they are generally supposed to be okay. Things older than that and it seems to be a hit and miss. However, as many people say... it is improving every day. Can spend the time to surf the web sites for all the most important pieces and see if they have drivers etc for 64.
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