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Hi Guys,

I pulled up this page because I am trying to find out if there was a way I could retrieve my product key for Microsoft Word 2000--which has been lost for at least three years now. It appears I am stuck, however, someone else offered their old product number to another person in my same predicament. If there are is anyone else out there who have a 2000 Word 25-digit product code that they no longer need, I would be sooooo greatful. I am an online student, and only have one more class left, and also am very short on funds. That is why I am asking for help--no one can help you solve your problems if they do not know you have any.

P.S. If anyone would like to adopt a cat, just let me know
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  1. Search for recover microsoft product key to find tools that you can use to do what you need.

    PS, I already have two cats :p
  2. Or
  3. ^^ Yes, I would also recommend OpenOffice to anyone who does not want to purchase Microsoft Office.
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