Don't download IA64- it is not the same as x86_64 (x64)

Warning Don't download IA64-IA64 isn't x86_64 - it won't work on Intel or AMD x86_64 CPUs.

IA64 is only for Intel Itanium CPUs.

IA64 isn't compatible with any consumer level hardware from Intel or AMD or on any Intel Xeons or AMD Opterons.

IA64 won't work on Intel i5 or i7 CPUs or Intel Core CPUs or Intel Atom CPUs or Intel Xeons or any CPUs from AMD.

If you have an x86_64 64bit CPU made by Intel or AMD you have to download the x86_64 or amd64 ISOs or torrents.

x86_64 is the same as amd64.

x86_64 64bit CPUs from Intel can run amd64, they cannot run IA64.

IA64 is only for the Intel Itanium enterprise CPUs which are not x86 compatible.
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