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Advice for duel boot plz.

Hi there,
I have XP running at the moment and recently bought a new drive so i thought i may as well install Vista on it.
I've bought Vista Ultimate Edition Final 32 bit.
My question is (after installation) will it automatically set up my system to give me a boot option when my computer starts or will i have to do it via the bios each time?
Also do anyone have any good tips or advice for me as it's my first attempt a a duel boot system and i'm fairly clueless.
Thanks for your time.
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  1. I prefer using BIOS by having two different HDD. This way, no boot manager. My main HD is Vista and my second is in my case Server 2003. The default is Vista and it is what I use in 99% of the time. If I need to go Server 2003, just need to press F8 while booting and select the other HDD. That simple.

    My configuration:
    * 2 Seagate 320 RAID-0 -> Vista
    * 1 Seagate 320 -> Server 2003

    If you go that way, unplug your XP drive. You install Vista until all installed and running fine.

    For having a boot manager, I believe you leave your XP drive and Vista installation will modify it to add an entry.

    Why I did not went that way? Because I don't want one to mess the other one. I wanted to be able to reinstall Server 2003 or Vista without affecting the other one. I guess I would have to fix the boot manager and maybe risking to damage the other one.

    My installation is really like having two machine. I must admit that I do not have a lot of experience with boot manager.

    I have Vista64 (which you should install and not 32) with 4GB and really great. I would go that way and I am sure you will stop using XP and one day that drive will be used for something else.
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  4. Good manual Pat! Steps are well described. :)

    But I believe BIOS boot is simpler and safer. The only thing is to press F8 to access the boot menu. But in my case, 99% of the time is default boot (Vista), so I'm fine.
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