Verizon req's Credit card for dryloop????

Apparently Verizon ISP will NOT sella FIOS dryloop (internet only) w/o the customer providing a credit card.
However they will sell FIOS with phone or with TV etc and NOT require a credit card, at least in the Pittsburgh, PA area. Currently, I have a 3mb/s DSL dryloop connection...which they would ONLY sell me after 3.5 years of paying for phone lines I never used. It now seems they they are using this same "method" to deploy FIOS dryloops.

Personally I think this discriminates against those who do not use or have credit cards. I would understand their policy IF they applied it across the board (which they do not)!

I can order FIOS w/their phone or TV service and NOT be required to have a credit card. As I have been an "in good standing" customer of theirs for 5 years now, I do NOT understand this anymore now than I did when I originally purchased DSL from them 5 years ago. Five years ago , as now I was informed that it was not possible to sell just a dryloop, which after 3.5 years they decided, that it suddenly was possible. This of course meant that i had spent approx. $500 extra dollars over a 3 year period for a service they KNEW I had never used.

Don't get me wrong, other than their discriminatory billing issues, I have been quite happy with their 5 years I had only one outage for 1.5 hours and that was ONLY due to them updating their firmware and the resulting time it took to propagate through thier systems.

While I realize that this is not necessarily the correct place to post this, I feel it should be made PUBLIC that verizon chooses to employ this method of forcing people to buy services they neither want or need. It was bad enough to find out after three plus years that I had in effect been paying for a service I didnt EVER use, now that I am more informed, I'm beginning to wonder if this is even a legal practice.

I have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, informed my State legislature, and am in the process of trying to get this out to the public via my local newspapers.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to further deal with this issue, I would be very appreciative.
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  1. Their is reason behind it and it's from the non paying customers ruined it for all. My Covad rep explained this to me. Customers with out a CC or a checking account can skip out on the bill after 3 months. With a CC or checking on file they have a greater chance to get their funds.

    They ask you to to put the billing on it so they dont have to hassle with sending out a statement or talking with you about your monthly payment. They just bill the card or checking account and no worries of nonpayment to them.

    Covad went to this as customers would go 3 months on a dedicated line and take the hit on their allready ruined credit. Covad now was at a loss on monthly fees and circuit run. No imagine this but with multiple customers.
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