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I am currently in the process of ripping my whole CD collection to mp3's. And Im almost throught it. No problem there.

But the real bugger comes now: I've got about 300 MD's full of great sound I cannot lose. under no circumstances. But the crappy things start to degenerate. So I have to back them up as well.

Now I can optically link the player to my PC, and digitally record the stuff. This would take about 80 mins for each MP3 AND I'd have to separate the tracks afterwards. That would take a few years I guess and the data would be gone by then.

My question now would be if there is an alternative method to my problem. Something like a PC-MD drive that can read faster than 1X... Does anyone have an idea?

Input appreciated!
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  1. Hmmm.... I still haven't found a solution to my problem; can it really be, that no one has experience with this kinda problem? :cry:
  2. I'm planning on digitizing my record collection in about a year and there is a lot of software that claims it will create a separate file for each song, I think after a given period of silence it creates a new file. Not sure what you mean by MD, is it a Minnie Disk? If so, does it use the same format as a CD? As for the recording speed, if the source can be read and ripped like a CD, you could do it faster than 1X. If you're going to have to play to record, i.e., record through the sound card, it will be 1X.
  3. you should be able to use an external cd drive with a usb attatchment to read and record those discs alot faster than 1x.

    what you will need is a drive similar to that of a laptop cd drive. the ones that have the center spindle to snap the cd onto.
  4. :).Hi,first post,try using a Sony NetMD or HiMD personal to upload/download to/from your PC at higher speeds via USB.I use my HiMD to do this quite a bit using sonicstage.Some find sonicstage a nightmare to get installed and working properly,I dont find it any worse/better than i-tunes.Im not sure if you can still buy NetMD/HiMD new but perhaps Ebay or similar would be an alternative.I also had many old MD discs from early/mid ninetys and found the USB transfer a godsend rather than faffing about via line in,quality is as good as origional.Hope this helps.
  5. Just to be clear; I am talking about Mini Disc...
  6. Because you own the music and it is not copy protected, is downloading via P2P an option? It's not illegal if you own the music and don't share the songs afterward. That's all I can think of besides connecting to the audio input, which would probably be slower. I had a portable player a long time ago that I connected to my computer and burned the data onto the disks with, I never tried to get the music back off though. You can't hook the player upto a computer and read the disks that way? How did you get the music on the disks to begin with?
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