Ubuntu 10.04 issues with Linux/Windows network?

Sorry if this is in wrong place as it is a networking problem but it is Linux based so I wasn't sure which forum to post in.

I just finished installing Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx (64 bit) on two of my PC's and I can not get the networking to work without some help.

My home network is a mix of XP SP3 and Ubuntu and I have Samba installed.

I went into Samba and made sure the workgroup name is the same as the Windows machines and I checked boxes that say to allow all users to have access.

From my Linux boxes I can't see the windows machines and from my windows machines I can't see the Linux boxes although for what it's worth I have the network printer attached to one of the Linux boxes and it does work from the windows machine.

Any help or pointing me at a tutorial that works would be much appreciated.

Thanks. :)
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  1. You'll probably wanna have a look see over at samba.org

    Here's some links for ya:




    Last but not least check out the ubuntu docs:


    It'll help if you can run some of the command line stuff to find out what's going on and hopefully get some helpful warning or error messages that'll point you in the right direction.

    Keep in mind windoze does their best to be incompatible with everyone else and even other versions of windoze that's how they roll.

    Good luck :)
  2. If I remember correctly, the passwords and user names have to be the same on the Windows and Linux systems if you're running a home version of Windows.

    That said, if you enabled anonymous access then I believe it should work regardless.
  3. MarkG said:
    If I remember correctly, the passwords and user names have to be the same on the Windows and Linux systems if you're running a home version of Windows.

    I seem to recall this as well, just to confirm your thoughts.
  4. Thanks for the input folks.

    I did use the same user names and passwords on all systems and felt quite comfortable that I had filled all info out according to what I knew to be correct.

    I believe that as it turns out one of my problems was that when entering my workgroup name in the Samba server settings I entered it exactly as it is on the Windows machines (capital letters) but when Samba/Linux stored them in the configuration file they reverted to lower case.

    Using gedit to adjust that seems to have helped me out a lot and I can now see at least some of the directories.

    I'm still struggling a bit with how permissions work in Linux as I figure when I check a box that says "allow all users access" that it will do so but apparently that's not the case.

    I went into directory properties and decided to also check a box that says allow access to guests and that seems to have worked though I'm not sure why.

    Am I supposed to create another user group for the Windows machines to have access to Linux or what?
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