Where does Grub go?

I'm trying to dual boot between 64-bit Windows 7 and Linux Mint 9. Should Grub be installed in the EFI system partition or is there someplace else it should be installed?
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  1. On my Linux/Windows laptop I just installed it to /dev/sda and it worked out everything for itself.

    Though on my home server GRUB1 worked fine when installed to /dev/sda (GPT drive), while GRUB2 wouldn't boot unless it was installed to /dev/sdb (MSDOS partition table).
  2. I tried installing Ubuntu 9.10 to /dev/sda a long time ago. For some reason Linux was the only option listed in the Grub boot menu and when I selected it my computer froze. My computer was no longer able to boot Windows. I could be wrong, but on an EFI system I think the MBR is just there for backwards compatibility. It's sole purpose is to point the computer to the EFI system partition where the boot files are stored.
  3. Hi, if use EFI you need special EFI GRUB!!!
  4. I thought the version of Grub included with Linux Mint 9 supported EFI.
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