XP does not see my full drive 250 Gigs

Please can you help me. I have just bought a Gogabyte GA-G33M-DS2R mother board and have a hard drive 250 GIGs.
The CMOS sees the hard drive as 250 gigs , when i try load XP , it sees the drive as 133 Gigs. Please can you help. Why does XP see it less than it is.
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  1. How did you format / partition it? If you didn't partition the entire 250GB, that's probably why you only see 133 Gigs. You can try using the Disk Management for format the remainder of the driver.

    I know the HD Manufacturer's GB is different from a Software GB.
    Hardware GB = 1000MB
    Software GB = 1024MB
    (I think this is correct -- I'm trying to pull this from memory)

    Even then, you should still have like 240GB of space available.
  2. You are using a pre-service pack 1 version of Windows XP. First release of XP did not support 48-bit LBA. Service Pack 1 fixed this.
    If you can slipstream service pack 1 into the setup disk and make a new one.
    If you can not do this then you will need to install xp on the partition, then update to service pack 1 or later. You will then be able to see the rest of the drive. You can then partition the rest of the drive and format it.
    You could also use a third party partition program to increase the size of the origional partition.
    There is nothing wrong with your drive or motherboard. Its all windows XP.
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