Best E-Card sites?

Hi anyone know of any good free e-card sites most just look the same & a bit naff? Whats everyone else using?

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  1. joe2cool said:
    Hi anyone know of any good free e-card sites most just look the same & a bit naff? Whats everyone else using?


    A neat one I recently came across is , which is a bit different from the rest (and is free).

    There is 2 aspects to the site...'cardz' is more of the typical style ecards, where you can pick a card and then personalize it with your own text and then send it (although the cards are more photographic and a bit 'classier' than the typical cartoon ecards) ... but the cooler part is 'dragz' which allows you to upload a photo, add stuff to it (graphic frames, text, various objects, etc) and then you can email it to friends with a personal message.

    I love using it for Birthday cards of friends... as I can upload a photo of them, make it look all funny and then send it! ...also used it for my family's Christmas card this year too :)

    Hope that helps!
  2. Cheers !!
  3. I use When you send a card it arrives in the recipients email like an attached JPG. they have quite a few categories too.
  4. Now here's a site on the rise! Best FLASH animation on the net, funny ideas, and fresh! It's new and they add new cards every day! I love the Polar Bear... Check it out:)
  5. If you want something totally different then the rest take a look at .

    These ecards are setup in a way that looks like real life cards. They come in a virtual envelope that you open, and then can turn the page of the ecard in 3d from front, inside, to back. It lets you type and draw on the envelope and ecard also.

    Maybe the best thing is that the site has no ads the ecards you send won't be a cluttered mess. While all of the cards aren't free, they have select ecards that are free and I've seen them run free weekend and cheap subscription deals before.
  6. Yikes! This Ecard site looks awful. No one is getting the point out there. Ecards is a new form of greetings. This site is stupid... you may as well just go to the store a buy one. And where is the character animation? The cheesy page turn actionscript is wrong.. the card looks like it has gotten wet! lol oh and the card designs... what's so special about those... where is the originality of content? Plus picking a card out of a rack like in a real store is what I hated most about card shopping.... Whoever did this has just created the same old problem. Ad are fine for me if the site is free... It's only helping the site owner pay for the service, so don't be hard on sites that do this.
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