Extreme long delay on Vista booting

I bought Intel DP35DP motherboard to my Intel E8400 45 nm new CPU. Now when booting to Windows Vista Ultimate I got 60 sec. delay - every time. I use motherbords newest BIOS version 0413. Windows XP Pro do not have this problem.

What I can do? Other DP35DP owners have similar problem?
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  1. Problem solvet. I un-plugged Samsung 80 GB model SP0812c (firmware SU100-24) and my problem went away. HD Tune v2.55 didn't find any errors and SMART info was clean too. Weird, but problem solvet. ;-)
  2. Communication problems?
    Did you check Master/Slave of that HDD?
    Does the BIOS see it correctly?
  3. Possible that the drive needs a firmware update as well... it's rare, but it does happen.
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