Quickbook files compatible between windows xp and linux

will my quickbook files transfer from a windows xp, service pack 3 machine to a linux unbutu machine?
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  1. In order to transfer file from Linux to Windows, and vice versa, you need to install Samba. I personally just set up a shared folder and throw everything in there. There's plenty of tutorials if you google "Shared folder ubuntu" or something to that effect.
  2. Can we calrify the question. Do you mean:

    1 - Just copy over the file

    2 - Actaully edit the file in QuickBooks running on Linux.

    For 1, easy. No need for SAMBA or anything like that, just copy it to a CD or Pen Drive and move it over. IF number 2 then the answer is a fair bit longer.
  3. As an aside... at one time the codeweavers.com folks were using QB under their edition of wine for their own bookkeeping.
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