I’m not sure if this is the right forum, since it is not Windows XP specific.

About a month or so ago, I began receiving random MSN messages from random contacts on my list. The behavior is as follows:

1) Contact signs in (I get the pop up that informs me when someone logs in)
2) A few seconds pass and I get a message from the contact along the lines of “Hey check this out”
3) This URL redirects to
4) That site is a phishing page asking for your MSN login and password. Once someone enters their information it logs in several times a day and spams everyone on that accounts contact list with the URL.

At first, I just dealt with it because it was only one contact who was doing it. Eventually, I blocked her because it got very annoying. However, to my dismay a lot of people seem to be willing to give a random webpage their log in and password information and I have about 7 or 8 messages everyday when I get home from work from different infected contacts on my list. Since these are people I communicate with daily, I don’t want to block them.

My sisters computer is infected, and I tried to take a look. The first thing I suggested was changing her password, since someone I spoke to told me he had dealt with a similar issue and changing the password helped. To my dismay, I still get messages from her. I’m really not sure what to think at this point, I’ve installed AVG antivirus on her PC, I’ve checked for spyware, I’ve disabled all but the absolute necessary start up items but I can’t locate the source of this problem. The only thing I can think of is that a windows service was installed on her PC and I don’t know enough about that to track down one which doesn’t belong, however, can a service be installed simply by clicking on a web form?

Any insight or input will be greatly appreciated.
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