Windows wont start up and give me BLUE screen

It is a HP Pavilion dv6000.
My friend's computer wont load into the windows. It keeps going to the selection where I have to select safe mode or start windows normally. I tried all the sections and they wont boot into the windows. I got the windows loading screen but then after it finished loading it gives me blank screen and then a few seconds later it gives me this blue screen.

I even went to the Bios to diagnostics self test my hard drive and it fails the test. (it says #1 - 07 Fail). The thing is she has a program calls QuickPlay. it loads before the windows to watch dvd, pictures or music. I use this program to browse my directories and it worked. I can look throught my directories and files but limited to images and music files. THEREFORE, I dont think the harddrive is corrupted. MAYBE some parts are corrupted, possibly the system files in windows directory got messed up.

I also tried to use Windows CD to repair the windows, i booted from CD at startup and it loaded everything and when i pressed R to repair, it shows "Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer," and told me to quit setup.

so weird.

i think the last thing she did was downloading limewire stuff. Theres possibility that she caught a virus that messed up the windows.

Anyone has an idea? plz help >_<

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  1. see if u can reformat the drive. if you can then the harddrive might correct itself. that's the easy way out. also, be sure to tell your friends to stay away from limewire-like programs.
  2. I agree with Parkergrove. Hopefully you can re-install XP instead and choose the repair option so you won't loose all your previous programs.
  3. 99% you have bad ram, try to use only one if you got two
  4. Test with a different ram stick, if it boots fine then its your memory most likely, if it does it with a different stick then its then its your motherboard, that is if your sure theres nothing wrong with your hardrive.
  5. well bad ram can give blue screens though it does not explain the hard drive not found thing, BTW you can check your blue screen errors using memtest86+ . I think the some part of your hdd is corrupted.
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