Best linux for PIII - 750mhz-128mb/9g laptop

I got a Dell ins-8000 laptop free. Wonder how far I can take it. It's in great shape and has big bright screen. I have lots of parts. what's the replacement for win-millenium is running now?
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  1. arch or debian with openbox or LXDE desktop.

    puppy linux might also be up your alley!
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    At that speed, any minimalist distro should work fine. My suggestions would be either SliTaz or Puppy (or MacPuppy if you like the dock). Anything like Ubuntu or Fedora won't even want to look at your hardware.
  3. personnally for your setup I would use Slitaz because it perform all tasks of a full distro and is super fast on old hardware while keeping itself a little aestheticlly pleasing
  4. See my comment in the other old computer thread...
  5. Damn Small Linux (DSL) is a good, minimal distribution from what I've heard.
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