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I'm running an un-networked XP configuration with three user accounts. The printer should work fine from each user account as it's a single compu to printer connection - but only my own account is capable of operating the printer. Of the 2 other accounts, one is limited and the other, a 2nd admin.

I'm loathe to re-install the printer on XP as the last time I did this, I kept getting an irritating pop-up that I couldn't get rid of despite all advice on these forums.

I'm guesing there's a check box somewhere I need to amend - but I can't find it.

Any offers?
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  1. let me give a shot on this one: (I assumed you're on NTFS)

    Seems to me that it's a security issue.

    Go right click on your printer > properties

    Find the security tab panel: set permissions to any user you want, or just set the group user security so that they can manage the printer as well.

    However I'm not sure with your "capable of operating ...",does it mean that only you who is able to print or what?
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