Blue Screen Flashes right before Win XP Welcome

Helo guys, im new here and ive though to register here and ask the solution of the problem i am facing now.

I have about 1 and half year old PC and i had electricity problems in whole house, and while the PC was turned on, the electricity gone. After it got back i boot up my PC and from nowhere right before windows loading screen (WELCOME) it gives just for a half second or less some weird blue screen...I can log on to windows everything works but just that screen a bit worries me that might something happened. I tried to go to Safe Mode but while im pressing F8 i just get to select what to boot LOL.

I hope anyone will read this message and write an advice or oppinion or something what might happen and if it is possible some solution :)

thanks for your time ;)
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  1. Which blue screen do you mean? The BSOD (blue screen of death)?

    Well, since you are able to log on to Windows, I'm assuming that the system pretty well save. The problems that might arise from the power out issue:

    - missing files (in case you have some notifications again, see what applications might be affected. If you don't see anything again, pretty well safe to assume that everything is ok)
    - HDD / partition error: go for drive error check on all your drive. See if something's wrong ...

    Hope it will help .. :)

    EDIT: It come to my mind, that the blue screen that you means is the disk checking screen ... which is normal ..
  2. normally when a blue screen happens at that point it is due to a driver corruption, since you actually can get into windows then it cant be a vitally important driver(VGA, Network etc)....

    either way i would download all your drivers, uninstall them then reinstall the newest ones that you downloaded.

    also i would run a chkdsk on your drive, goto start>Run>type cmd hit enter> then in the command prompt type chkdsk C: /f it will probably ask you if you want to run check disk after a restart just hit yes.
  3. thanks for the answers :)

    well i tried to run disk check didint helped, the thing every works JUST FINE :) but that quick blue screen apears before WINDOWS WELCOME LOADING SCREEN, i dont know if it is Blue Screen of death, because it works fine, i can play games, surf internet and ect as preveriously, just also noticed the thing to shut down PC, it takes 10-15 seconds longer.
  4. Guess one or more files were missing, but not an important one ...

    Flakes idea is worth to try :) Maybe some of the drivers files are missing ..
  5. well if its a BSOD then you should see some text on the blue screen, if its just a blue screen thats just normal cause the desktop colour loads first(default blue) then all the window stuff goes on top(like the msg wecome to windows, and the wallpaper)
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